soiled shorts™

The idea of shorts films, especially animated, is to grab your attention and hopefully make some lasting impression (laughing, crying, hurling, take your pick).

Canada was, and is still trying to be, the last bastion of the creative force for the animated short film. The National Film Board of Canada was the leader from the early 1960’s (when they were bringing in animators and filmmakers from all over the world to produce their films) up until the 1990’s. The high water mark was the during the 1980’s when Cordell Barker (The Cat Came Back) and Richard Condie (The Big Snit) really set the tone of what the animated short could do.

Soiled Shorts is the 21st century embodiment of those films. Take a simple idea and make it into a 2-3 minute film.

The legend of the chickenfish™

Lurking in the sewers of Toronto lies the prehistoric throwback known as the ChickenFish. Many people have theories on how this grotesque creature (but highly delicious animal when cooked properly) came into existence. Did Darwin have it wrong all this time or is some deity having fun with humankind? In this brand new Soiled Shorts film, an attempt will be made to give an explanation (just not a very good one!)


Two if by Sea or The Cuban Paddle Boat Crisis™

All this poor tourist wanted to do was fish! Is that too much to ask? Of course it is! He’s in Cuba and I’m sure you can guess, boats are hard to come by to go fishing (since they’re usually used to defect to Florida!) This tale involves sex, violence and a paddle boat (so make sure the children are in bed)! What more could you ask for? 

Oh, you want more, OK… The Cuban “navy” with their high speed dingy, happy?