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KIDSCREEN SUMMIT 2019 daily diary



After having breakfast, some “Brainpicking” sessions and listening to the keynote speech “The Tao of Happiness”, the CEO sets up his booth in the lobby of the Intercontinental Miami for “Deal Making Monday”! (that’s because we forgot to book him a proper meeting room). If you’re not busy, stop by and say “Hi”. I’m sure there’s a deal to be made with Excalibur Animation!

kidscreen summit 2019 daily diary

DAY 1 (part 2)



After a long day of deal making in the lobby of the hotel (including a deal for a 26 episode series about dust bunnies which will be co-produced with an elderly couple from the UK who were lost and at the wrong hotel), the CEO has gone to his room to work on his notes for the panels he’ll be running over the next three days. Once done, he’ll be heading down to the Kidscreen Kick-off cocktail event at the 5th floor Pool Terrace for a much deserved beverage and to rub elbows with other executives in the animation industry. 

kidscreen summit 2019 daily diary



After a great cocktail party and a good night’s sleep, the CEO now preps the room for his first panel at Kidscreen. The subject is “Animating at 24 fps: The death of animation as we know it?”  A controversial subject these days as producers try to maintain quality but at a lower cost by using less frames. Not to be missed and there are still a few spots available.

kidscreen Summit 2019 daily diary



After a successful panel yesterday (where only 3 fist fights broke out), the CEO sets up for this morning’s panel “Storyboarding: Good planning for staging & action or a complete waste of time & money?” Should be a very engaging debate! The CEO has asked that attendees not bring rotten fruit and vegetables to throw at the moderator as he only has so many suits. This event will be happening at 11:45 in the Flagler room.

kidscreen Summit 2019 daily diary



 The CEO is now prepping for his last panel on the last day of the summit. The other panels had their difficulties, so the CEO has decided to do a lighter topic on the last day. Today’s subject is “Original concepts and ideas VS Just take/steal an existing property and remake it”. He’s expecting a spirited debate on this topic and hopefully no bodily injuries. Hope to see you there! This panel takes place at 10:15 in the Merrick room.

kidscreen Summit 2019 daily diary

DAY 4 (part 2)


 The summit is now finished and the CEO is already at the pool letting his hair down (what’s left of it) after a long couple of days. The cocktail party starts at 2 but the CEO beat the rush and is well under way. Congrats to all the winners of the Hot 50! See everybody at MIPTV in April!!!