Feature Films

A feature film is always a daunting task. From original idea, to script, financing, production, etc. Here are two proposed features that are in the works (with more on the way).

For The Benefit of Mr. Kite™


“The Big Top is in trouble and Mr. Kite has been kidnapped!

It’s up to Old Fred and the Yellow Submarine to save him…

With a little help from their friends!”

The story behind this takes place a year or so after the first film, “The Yellow Submarine”. Old Fred & the Yellow Submarine are about to be retired when a distress call from the Pepperland Circus is received in the sub. It’s only activated in the time of crisis and as we find out, the Blue Meanies are causing trouble again! It’s up to Old Fred, the Beatles, Henry the horse and the Yellow Submarine to stop them!


Theatrical teaser

the secret railroad™

"Cedric, the sorcerer’s apprentice, is on a mission to save the secret railroad from the evil clutches of his former master, Spellbinder, the all powerful sorcerer. Due to a spell Cedric cast long ago, this train is not bound by iron rails, but can travel to any time or place in the galaxy. If Spellbinder were to get possession of this power, he and his evil schemes would be unstoppable!

With the help of Simon (a distant relative who is more than what he seems), a sleepy cat called Melanie (who lives on the train) and a galactic princess (who is fighting to save her people from the evil forces of Spellbinder), Cedric and these unlikely heroes will put themselves on a collision course with Spellbinder and stop him at any cost.

Will our heroes succeed and stop Spellbinder or will Spellbinder succeed and cast his dark shadow across the galaxy?

There’s only one way to find out…

Buy a ticket and hop on board….

The Secret Railroad!”

This feature film proposal is based on the original series produced in the late 1970's and will tell the story of how the Secret Railroad came into existence.


Theatrical teaser