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The half hour format for TV or streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon is a great way to tell stories. The ability to jam as much story into 30 minutes is a great way to grab an audience’s attention.


the tour™

In the dark recesses of one man’s mind lies the answers to all life’s questions. 

The only problem… He plays golf for a living. 

(so I wouldn’t be holding your breathe waiting for those answers!)


If you’ve read the exciting, yet ominous logline, you might be disappointed by the series synopsis! Oh well, you can’t have everything. In actuality, THE TOUR is a 2D animated adult comedy series that details some of the ups and downs, moves from side to side, the eventual fall from grace and then (hopefully) the dramatic rise out of the ashes to claim the top prize in the world of “professional” golfers. And if that weren’t enough, THE TOUR will chronicle these stories in nice little bite size half hour episodes. Our tales tell of the adventures of Jack Curtis (our hero for lack of a better word) and his caddie Jose as they navigate the murky recesses of the professional golf tour known as “THE TOUR” (no one said golfers had great imaginations!).  Along the way, Jack and Jose will face evil in its many forms (one of those being Jack’s nemesis Sir Charles Winchester Finch), find love (in the form of Jack’s girlfriend Sandra Wayne) and yes, even get a little golf in while trying to climb his way to the top of “THE TOUR”! Some people have suggested that THE TOUR is its own little universe unto itself. The rules of space, time, and physics (and more importantly common sense), never seem to apply. THE TOUR is a place where almost anything can happen and usually does.

THE TOUR is a proposed 13 x 22 mins. 2D animated series

endless knights™

In a far off medieval land where ravenous princesses scare the life out of beautiful dragons, royalty is reduced to selling insurance, peasants roam the land scaring tourists with their insistent barber shop singing and even knights are a scarce sight, come the tales of the “Endless Knights”™. Who are these knights you might ask? Well, they ride under the banner of the “Knights of the Heavily Dented Shield”. There’s Dirk the Brave, Richard the Strong and Robert the Short (or Bob, as that’s shorter). These “heroes” ride through the land striving to help the helpless (but rarely succeed), defeat the feetless (what?!?!?) and keep the peace (but usually cause mayhem, run away and blame it on the Vikings).

Endless Knights is a proposed 13 x 30 minute 2D animated series